About Dr. Letantia Bussell

An experienced dermatologist in the Los Angeles area, Letantia Bussell, MD, leads Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants in the roles of medical director and supervising physician. Through her practice, she provides a variety of dermatological and cosmetic treatments and surgeries, including her trademarked facelift procedures, the Bussell Button Lift and the Bussell Two-Stitch Mini Face Lift. She also performs Facial-Electro Resurfacing as well as filler injections with Botox and Dysport. Interested in offering the least damaging skin treatments available, Dr. Letantia Bussell treats a range of dermatological skin conditions including acne, rosacea, eczema, and rashes. Other services she provides span the anti-aging and skin cancer treatment and prevention fields.

Dr. Bussell founded Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants in 1979. Dedicated to providing excellent patient services and medical care, she completed groundbreaking work during the pioneering stages of dermal filler products. She also played an integral role in developing excess pigmentation treatments for various ethnic groups as well as skin rejuvenation and anti-acne applications for chemical peels. In addition, Dr. Letantia Bussell introduced an anti-aging and anti-blemish skincare product line based on biochemical principles and received two United States patents for topical dermatological products.